With cases recorded and hospitals collapsed, India asks Twitter to delete the posts critical of the government regarding Covid-19 | Scientist

a India Asked the social network Twitter Dozens of posts – including some published by local parliamentarians – removed that Criticism of the Indian government over the fight against Coronavirus. The request was submitted at a time Collapse in the country’s health system, With the number of daily cases reaching peaks not seen anywhere in the world.

This request has been partially fulfilled: A spokeswoman for the platform heard by Reuters confirmed that some of the tweets have been removed due to a “legal request” that Twitter says the network is obligated to comply with.

According to the Harvard University-linked Lumen platform, there were 21 posts in the application submitted by the Indian government. These publications are known in India by Congressman Revnath Reddy.

The Indian authorities base the request on the Information Technology Act 2000. It is unclear which section of the law was enacted in this case, but the government generally uses a clause dealing with “protecting the sovereignty and integrity of India”.

Thousands of cases a day, hospitals collapsed

India beats the Covid-19 world record for the fourth consecutive day

India recorded 349,691 cases of Covid-19 within 24 hours and broke the sad world record, which already belongs to the country, for the fourth consecutive day, on Sunday (25).

India is in its worst epidemic. In New Delhi, the nation’s capital, hospitals have collapsed. In one, security guards prevented people from entering because there were no rooms available. A 17-year-old said the only thing he could do for his father was to ‘watch him die’ on the waiting list (See reports here).

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