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Moving forward, the country ranks fourth in the world among those who have completed the vaccination, in absolute numbers, according to the Our World in Data platform, which is linked to the University of Oxford:

  • China (1.05 billion)
  • India (272.6 million)
  • United States (187.7 million)
  • Brazil (99.6 million *)
  • Japan (82.9 million)

* Our World In Data platform still does not record Brazil with more than 100 million fully vaccinated because it calculates the data one day late.

However, the second In the relative ranking of countries that have applied more per capita doses (see below), Brazil ranks 60th, behind many Latin American countries, such as ArgentinaAnd EcuadorAnd ChileAnd Uruguay even savior NS Cuba.

NS Brazil It entered the “top ten” for immunization on January 30 and reached fourth place on May 25, when it overtook United kingdom (see video below).

Most vaccinated countries against covid

As immunization progressed, 70% of the population in Brazil had been vaccinated with at least one dose and 47% had been fully immunized.

The transmission rate of the coronavirus (Rt) in Brazil, this week, reached a level Lowest index since April 2020, when measurement began: 0.60, according to Imperial College London.

60 disproportionate countries in the ranking

but, In relative order, which takes into account the number of doses applied in relation to the population, the Brazil It is the 60th country in the world, at 116 doses per 100 inhabitants.

It was overtaken by New Zealand, which ranked 59th, on Thursday (7), which has so far vaccinated 122 people per 100 inhabitants.

Relatively speaking, we lag behind many Latin American countries, such as Cuba (203), Uruguay (184), Chile (173), savior (123), Panama (120), Ecuador (118) H Argentina (118).

When I reached the mark 500,000 deaths from Covid-19, in June, Brazil ranked 67th in the relative vaccination ranking, which is a level similar to the level of Argentina NS savior And also TUV NS Guyana in season.

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