Will Raquel be eliminated from BBB 24? Poll indicates surprising rejection TV news

Will Raquel be eliminated from BBB 24?  Poll indicates surprising rejection TV news

Rthat Cardozo should be removed from BBB 24 with very high disapproval. Sister Alain Dias and Beatrice Reyes face each other on the thirteenth wall. The saleswoman and the dancer are allies of Davey Brito, one of the favorites on the reality show. The results of those leaving will be revealed on Tuesday (19).

In the poll the newsWho registered more than 209 thousand votes until this text was published, Al-Halwani appears with a popular disapproval rate of 89.72%. Alan received 5.92%, and Beatrice 4.37%.

The situation is the same in the UOL survey. R, which shows a rejection rate of 92.16%; The dancer scores 5.2% and the saleswoman scores 2.64%. More than 700,000 votes have already been registered.

If the parentage is confirmed, the sister will receive the biggest rejection this season. The record so far is held by Marcos Vinicius, who received 84.86% of the votes in a hot seat that also included Davi and Isabel Nogueira.

On Globo's official website, the public has two voting options: Único, one for each CPF, and Torcida, which allows the combined effort to vote as many times as they want. The final result, which Tadeu Schmidt will announce on Tuesday (19), is based on the average of the two methods.

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poll the the news It's not scientific in nature, but it depicts a trend among Big Brother Brasil viewers.

Wall formation

The formation of the Thirteenth Wall began with the selection of Angel Matthews Amaral. He fortifies Beatrice, but his wish is nullified by Raquel's Wildcard power.

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Giovanna Lima, the leader of the week, delivered on her word and sent Beatriz to the hot seat. “We never had any clashes, but over the past few weeks she decided to stir up some friction with me. We talked, but nothing was resolved. Moreover, she is someone who treats everything here at home with a lot of lewdness.” The nutritionist explained.

Through open voting, the House had to choose between other participants who had Na Mira do Líder bracelets. Alan, Davey Brito and Bin Laden were the available options. Al Bahian received six votes. In the confessional, the participants voted, and Alan received five votes.

Then, the five who were in Chief Giovanna's range (Alan, Pia, Davey, Matthews, and Bin Laden) unanimously needed to put someone else in the danger zone. They chose Raquel. Daffy escaped the wall by testing Patti e Volta.

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