Why is the clay filter a treasure in Brazilian homes?

Why is the clay filter a treasure in Brazilian homes?

Hey Clay filteronce a staple in Brazilian homes, remains a choice of quality and resistance over the years.

This filter is still found in some homes, despite competing with modern purifiers, it has a history of efficiency and reliability. What are the reasons why having a clay filter in the home is lucky?

Access and value of mud filter

The clay filter was introduced to Brazil by European immigrants in the 1900s, and has earned its place in Brazilian kitchens. Over time, new methods of water purification have emerged, but the clay filter maintains its popularity due to its unique properties.

Benefits of using a clay filter

This filter has a great ability to purify water. It is effective in removing substances such as chlorine, lead, mercury, pesticides and bacteria. This is possible thanks to the ceramic candle and the porous clay structure. It consists of two ceramic containers and is equipped with filter candles, ensuring water purification through a simple but effective process.

Simplicity and sustainability

In addition to being effective in purityThe clay filter is admired for its ease of use. It does not require electricity, making it a sustainable and environmentally friendly option. Installation and handling are uncomplicated, making it a practical device for everyday life.

Important maintenance

To keep the mud filter working well, it is necessary to perform an operation cleaning Every 15 days. This ensures effective filtration and water quality. For those looking for a more sustainable and conscious lifestyle, a clay filter is undoubtedly an excellent choice.

So, by using a clay filter at home, you can ensure that pure and fresh water is always available. The benefits are unique to this element, which is distinguished from other forms of purification.

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