Why does Disney insist on having long lines at its parks?

Why does Disney insist on having long lines at its parks?

Long queues in parks are common in many countries. Visitors often face long hours of waiting just to have fun Attractions Which has a relatively short duration.

To solve this problem, some methods and strategies have been tested to reduce waiting time, and there are parks that have already improved this problem.

One solution adopted, for example, is express passes, where visitors pay an additional fee to avoid major queues and gain faster access to attractions.

Although this option does not completely eliminate the need to wait in line, it certainly significantly reduces waiting time, providing a more enjoyable experience for visitors.

But why Disney, the owner of one of The largest amusement parks in the worldDo you still allow these kilometer queues at your attractions?

The queues at the Disney theme park are real tests of patience – Photo: Jose Garcia / Reproduction

over the years, Disney It has developed techniques to reduce or even eliminate queues at tourist attractions due to the large influx of visitors to its parks.

Initially, visitors paid an entrance fee at the main gate and a small fee for each attraction.

It turns out that this practice was abandoned in favor of ticket books, allowing visitors to access attractions in order of priority.

In addition, another notable innovation is the virtual queue, known as FastPass, which allows visitors to reserve a specific boarding time at an attraction through an app.

The real reason behind Disney's huge lines

Despite the effectiveness of these methods, there are still lines at Disney parks for practical reasons.

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Disney has invested a lot of time and money to turn the time spent in line into an experience itself, complete with entertainment for guests, convenience stores, and attraction-related extras.

Apparently, there is a very clear motive for the queues to continue at Disney: For a park to feel full and crowded, there must be customers who are excited to get to the next attraction.

After all, without lines, that feeling of movement and activity would not be conveyed in the same way, affecting the overall perception of the park experience.

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