Why do Americans call soccer soccer?

Why do Americans call soccer soccer?

US fans heckle England before a World Cup match in the name of the sport

Before the ball heads to England x USA, on Friday (25th), for the second round of Group B at the World Cup, fans from both countries have been heard for an answer to a very controversial question: after all, the correct term in English for football Football Is football or soccer?

Football is used by the British who are considered to be the inventors of the modern form of the sport. North Americans adopted football. the Goal Shows you why.

Why do Americans call football soccer?

The most popular sport in the world is called soccer in American soil. But football is known almost all over the world. This has a strong English influence. After all, it was those born in the “Queen’s Land” who coined this word in the eighteenth century and used it until the second half of the last century, according to Professor Stefan Szymanski, of the University of Michigan.

The word football initially originated from the term ‘association football’. In the early 18th century, a group of universities in the United Kingdom transformed football (which means something like “football”), a game with medieval characteristics, under the creation of new rules and the subsequent division into other sports, into a method of unification throughout country. The two main sports that have emerged are rugby football and football. The latter came under the umbrella of The Football Association (FA), the oldest football association in the world, which was formed in 1863, 15 years after the first rules for the sport were drawn up in Cambridge.

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From there, rugby football was shortened to rugger and football became association, and later football. With its growing popularity in the British lands, football has spread to other continents. But, in the United States at the end of the 19th century, an independent type of game appeared, whose name was simply football (American football). Thus, in the American context, soccer came to be known as soccer (because it arrived later) and American football was merged with the nickname soccer, whose name in the UK was soccer.

The English were able to “export” their sport to all parts of the world. Therefore, the term football has acquired greater importance, including in Brazil. On the other hand, the Americans, due to their “isolationist” culture, did not seek to take football and American football to distant lands.

In the past three decades, the British have stopped talking about football because of the imperative American connotations. Finally, it is important to add that in other countries the term football is also used to distinguish the local type of football. Some of these countries are Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. And the Australian national team is, even today, affectionately called socceroos.

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