Why Didn't Antonio Banderas Go to Dancing With Celebrities? Here's How He Regrets His Absence From TV News

Why Didn't Antonio Banderas Go to Dancing With Celebrities? Here's How He Regrets His Absence From TV News

Luciano Hack tried to bring Antonio Banderas to dance with Fátima Bernardes in the final of Dança dos Famosos, but he could not convince the actor to appear on the Domingão stage. The presenter expressed his regret to Zahra Al-Munjid and explained that Banderas had only given the show one interview led by Fátima to promote his perfume.

This Sunday (7), Angelica's husband told how difficult it was to bring him to Brazil. The artist even visited Estúdios Globo last week, but left the country before the final. “It was an easy idea. But how are we going to get to Antonio Banderas?”, asked Hack.

“We started communicating, and while fate was playing in our favor, I discovered that I was in a relationship with Antonio Banderas. I couldn't keep my promise 100% that they would dance in the final of Dança dos Celebrities. It was just in the final, without dancing,” joked the presenter.

Fatima Bernardes interviewed Antonio Banderas and gave advice to the finalists of Dança dos Famosos, who ruined their performance for the actor. Tati Machado, Amaury Lorenzo and Lucy Alves showed the moves they will do tonight.

“We all dance a little flamenco in some way, but it's not professional. I've danced in some movies and also in theater, but I'm not professional, I do it as my job as an actor,” the actor commented while watching the shows.

Banderas also commented on tango: “Specifically, tango is a very sensual dance that requires courage. Seduction, rejection, and suddenly returning again… There is a game. Prejudices must be kept behind the door so that you can be courageous when presenting yourself.”

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“I always say it's not about singing, it's about telling a story. And I think with dance, you have to do that too, tell a story,” Antonio Banderas concluded.

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