Who leaves Fazenda 15 today? Rejected, the pawn sinks once and for all in the poll · TV news

Who leaves Fazenda 15 today?  Rejected, the pawn sinks once and for all in the poll · TV news

Nadia Pessoa’s disapproval has been growing since the last partial poll on A Fazenda 15. She, who criticized Adrián Galisto for her alleged lack of impartiality, now appears with 24.8% of the vote in a Pessoa Foundation poll. the news –compared to 27.62% in the update made early Thursday afternoon (7).

Cesar Black saw the distance the former power couple had traveled increasing in the past few hours. He, who is also at risk of leaving reality show Record, has 30.15% popular favourability.

With Jacqueline Grohalski’s win in the Farmers’ Test on Wednesday (6), Youri Meireles is the favorite in the 11th field of the season. It is well ahead at 45.5%.

Black is at greater risk in the UOL poll, where he received only 27.34% of the vote. Nadia and Yuri are technically tied at 36.39% and 26.27% respectively.

Opinion polls are not scientific in nature and represent only an indication of public preference. Voting takes place on the official website of A Fazenda, at R7. The result will be announced in the live version on Thursday.



Who would you like to stay at A Fazenda 15 on the 11th farm?

Farm formation

Yuri was banned from testing the farms during the formation of the farm and fell directly into the spotlight. Black, Nadia, and Jacqueline Grohalski competed, and the former BBB member emerged victorious. Nadia even tied with Jacqueline in the pedestrian vote at HQ, but later ended up being nominated by Radamès Forlan, who extricated himself from the field and put the former power duo in her place.

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After losing the dispute to the leader of the week, Nadia accused Adrian Galisto of showing favoritism to some pedestrians. She said: “Great, but Adrienne Galisto doesn’t know how to show that she doesn’t have a favorite. It’s terrible. She doesn’t know how to be neutral.”

Nadia’s fans spent R$2,000 to book an internet café just to vote in the 11th farm. Fans were concerned about the risk of participants leaving and used the services of the foundation, which made only 50 voting machines available with the help of robots.

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