Who is the ES doctor who is in a comatose state in the ICU after suffering a heart attack while helping rain victims in Republika Srpska | Holy Spirit

Who is the ES doctor who is in a comatose state in the ICU after suffering a heart attack while helping rain victims in Republika Srpska |  Holy Spirit

Walter José Roberti Borges, an anesthesiologist from Espírito Santo who had a heart attack in Pelotas (RS) while helping rain victims – Photo: Reproduction/CFM

Anesthesiologist Walter Jose Roberti Borges, 50, was admitted to the intensive care unit in a comatose state after suffering a heart attack in the city of Pelotas, in Rio Grande do Sul, earlier this week, while he was in the city to help flood victims. The professional is from Linhares, north of Espírito Santo.

Walter traveled with a group of doctors due to the increased demand for health professionals due to floods in the state of Rio Grande do Sul.

The doctor has two young children, aged 8 and 12, is married and lives in Vila Velha, in Greater Vitoria, where he also runs a clinic with his wife, who is a dentist and currently in Pelotas.

The website of the Federal Council of Medicine (CFM) indicates that Walter José also has active registrations with the regional boards of Mato Grosso and São Paulo. In Espiritu Santo, her first record dates back to 2017.

Walter left last Monday (20) while undergoing surgery at Pelotas University Hospital, but did not return. According to the doctor's brother-in-law, Herrick Assis, while searching for him, specialists found him already unconscious, in the bathroom. Despite smoking, he had no history of health problems.

“He spent more than 8 minutes without oxygen. Now some brain injuries have been diagnosed that indicate a comatose state. He is surrounded by family doctors, and they have come together to order an MRI, so the family can understand what can be done to improve his condition.” Its quality of life,” Assis said.

“Once a patient is from the private health unit, he cannot move privately. It is a protocol and everything must be done by the private health unit,” he said. The State Ministry of Health (Sesa), according to Hriki, has already said that it can intervene to carry out the transfer, but the hospital in Rio Grande do Sul must authorize it.

Herrique, who is also a businessman, stressed that his brother-in-law had good support at Pelotas, but the entire evaluation he underwent was clinical. In a hospital, for example, there are currently no MRI machines available to more accurately assess the damage caused by a heart attack. The first tests indicate that the anesthesiologist may be in a vegetative state.

In addition to seeking a better analysis of Walter Borges' case, the businessman stated that the doctor in Espiritu Santo could be closely monitored by the family.

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