Who is the Brazilian dancer who inherited millions from a British broadcaster?

Who is the Brazilian dancer who inherited millions from a British broadcaster?

In recent days, the press has revealed details of the will of English actor and comedian Paul O'Grady, famous for his character Lily Savage. He left the equivalent of R$800,000 to care for his dogs.

Of the fortune of £15.5 million (about R$98 million), part of it went to her husband, Brazilian dancer Andre Portacio, 43 years old.

After studying dance at the Escuela Nacional de Cuba, he moved to London, where he excelled at the English National Ballet.

He participated in productions of Swan Lake, Romeo and Juliet, The Nutcracker and The Rite of Spring, among others. He even performed for Queen Elizabeth II.

Andre and Paul met in a gay club in 2007. It was love at first time. They married ten years later at the Goring Hotel in the English capital. Guests included actor Ian McKellen, Gandalf from “The Lord of the Rings” and Magneto from “X-Men”.

Paul O'Grady, a friend of the royal family and popular among his subjects, died at his home at the age of 67 in March 2023 due to heart problems. He and Andre formed one of the most influential gay couples in the UK.

“Paul was my rock, my best friend and my partner in every adventure. Our journey together was extraordinary. He taught me the true meaning of love and I will be forever grateful for the precious time we spent together.”

Couple on 'I Do' Day: Paul O'Grady tells friends Andre Portacio saved him from wildlife

Photo: Clone/Instagram

O'Grady and Portacio married in a ceremony attended by a few relatives and friends in August 2017, in London.

Photo: Clone/Instagram

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