Who is Eduardo Porto? Meet the new girlfriend of actress Fernanda Sousa – Zoira

Who is Eduardo Porto?  Meet the new girlfriend of actress Fernanda Sousa - Zoira

actress Fernanda Souza Take on a new relationshipon Friday (22), when sharing a Photo by Eduarda Porto. “Love is love,” he wrote in the caption. Many celebrities, including the singer, the artist’s ex-husband THEAGENIOcongratulate her.

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Fernanda Souza and Tiagoño

In the post, the former chiquitita explains that “Knowing and welcoming every discovery about you is a process enrich and transform“. still celebrate love And the happiness of revealing their new relationship: “Being who you are. She lives what she wants.”

“We are so grateful that we met on this beautiful path that revealed itself to us. Love is love”

the new It resonates on social media And the artist’s name became one of the most commented on Twitter, with more than 17,800 mentions on the platform. In addition to being Fernanda’s first public relationship with a woman, the fact that Edward is an unknown person Attract the attention of Internet users.


take photo: reproduction


take photo: reproduction

Who is Eduardo Porto?

discreetEduarda Porto has a private Instagram profile, amassing around 200 followers, including some celebrities like comedian Tatá Werneck, actor Bruno de Luca And musician Lucas Lima, husband of singer Sandy.

Eduarda Porto and Fernanda Souza along with friends Sandy and Fernanda Rodrigues

Subtitle: The two share many friends, as well as an old friendship.

take photo: Reproduction / social networks

In addition to being longtime friends, they have many friends mutual friends. One of them is Bruno, who revealed, in Fernanda’s post to announce the new relationship, that he is very happy to see the two Best friends him to live a love story together. “I will not lose a life,” he joked.

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Bruno De Luca comments on Fernanda Souza's post

take photo: reproduction

Lucas Lima celebrated the union and expressed his love to his friends: “I love you!” , books. In addition to the musician, Tata also announced that the news pleased her.

Tata Wernick's comments on a post by Fernanda Souza

take photo: reproduction

According to the newspaper additionalAnd Edward was already marriedSo does Fernanda. lived in union with Film director Rafael Vieira At least six years. He is the son of actress Maria Zelda with director Roberto Talma, who died in 2015, and is responsible for the VaI Fernandinha program presented by his ex-wife’s companion since 2016.

In a repost by Sandy, in 2019, it is possible to see the girl next to ex partner At a meeting at Bruno de Luca’s home in Rio de Janeiro in 2009.

Eduarda Porto with ex-husband Rafa Vieira at a meeting at Bruno de Luca's house in 2009

Subtitle: Fernanda Souza’s girlfriend is shown in the left corner of the photo, next to her then-husband Rafa Vieira

take photo: Reproduction / social networks

On the recording, in addition to the singer and her husband Lucas Lima, are Bruno and spouses Fernanda Rodriguez and Rauni Carneiro. In the photo, Eduarda poses with Fernanda Rodriguez’s daughter Luisa on her lap.

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