Whistleblower points out that the UK preferred animals over people during flights from Kabul

Whistleblower points out that the UK preferred animals over people during flights from Kabul

Foreign Ministry Whistleblower told a parliamentary committee on Tuesday that the expulsion of vulnerable Afghans in Kabul had been ineffective and confusing since the Taliban seized power in August. Former Secretary of State Rafael Marshall has also accused Prime Minister Boris Johnson of providing evidence of the eviction of animals from the sanctuary.

Boris Johnson’s government has repeatedly defended a flight to Kabul against criticism that it had left thousands of talented Afghans in Britain after wondering how quickly the Afghan government had collapsed. However, Marshall assured that the process of choosing who to fire was “arbitrary and inactive”, noting that one afternoon he was the only person processing the emails and that staff time was maintained despite the emergency. 8 hours daily.

Between 75,000 and 150,000 people were evacuated but it is estimated that less than 5% received assistance. “There were typically more than 5,000 unread emails in the inbox at any one time, including many unread emails since the beginning of August,” Marshall told the UK Exit Commission. The Govt-19 epidemic led to an increase in staff shortages by people working from home, and eight soldiers who were called in to help were forced to share a computer.

“The emails received an automatic response that the request for help was ‘registered’. This is generally incorrect. In thousands of cases, even the emails were not read,” he pointed out. Raphael Marshall also promised that the capacity used to evacuate people would be used to rescue animals from the shelter. “There was a direct exchange between the transportation of animals and the expulsion of Afghan refugees, including British citizens and Afghans who worked with British soldiers,” he concluded.

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