While she was married to Zaborowsky, Luísa Mell underwent liposuction without permission, columnist says

Gilberto Zaborowsky e Luísa Mell

According to Liu Dias, the activist underwent an operation without her knowledge on the order of her husband

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Leo Dias, Metropolis – According to sources in the column, Louisa Mill had an abusive relationship marked by infidelity. But these were not the only reasons that prompted her to break up with Gilberto Zaborovsky.

People close to the activist ensured that the episode was the last straw for the end of the relationship. At the end of 2020, Louisa went to a clinic to undergo a minimally invasive plastic surgery procedure: the laser.

Also according to the information, the doctor informed her that she would be sedated and did so. But what would have been a quick and only painless treatment became a nightmare for the introduction: Upon waking, Mel realized she had had liposuction on her armpit.

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