Where you can watch your favorite award movies

Where you can watch your favorite award movies

The 2024 Oscars nominees won't be revealed until next week, but you can already prepare for the announcement by identifying the top contenders for the gold spot.

Note: “Oscar Favorites” is a very broad category, so we've limited it to Variety's betting list of the 10 nominees in the Best Picture category.


You can watch director Christopher Nolan's film via live streaming Claro TV+ or Rent online On Apple TV, Prime Video, or Google Play.

“poor creatures”

The black comedy starring Emma Stone could win the actress the second Oscar of her career after La La Land: Singing Seasons (2016). The movie arrives Brazilian cinemas Per day February 1.

“Moonflower Killers”

Martin Scorsese's famous film is an original production by Apple TV+But he spent a while in cinemas. Currently, it is on Apple Streaming.


The biggest box office movie of the year shouldn't win multiple major awards, but it should be present in several categories. Like all of Warner Bros.'s feature films, you can watch “Barbie” on the site HBO Max.

“The Rejected”

The drama, directed by Alexander Payne (“The Descendants”), is currently live Shows in Brazilian cinemas.

“past life”

The most acclaimed novel of 2023, A24 premieres here today 25 January.

“Anatomy of a Fall”

Although it is a foreign (French) film, “Anatomy of a Fall” should receive nominations in several categories, and is one of the nominees for best screenplay. The film is shown for the first time in Cinemas in the country Per day 25 January.

“American fantasy”

In the United States, the film premiered in theaters in December, but was not released No release date yet Confirmed in Brazil. It has also not been revealed whether it will go to theaters or will be released directly via streaming.


He is considered by many to be the greatest Oscar taste For this season, the movie is A Netflix originalSo now you can watch from the comfort of your couch.

“area of ​​interest”

The film tells the story of a Nazi family living “peacefully” next to a concentration camp. It is distributed by Diamond Films, and the production runs $1,000 Brazilian cinemas Per day February 15.

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