Where are the celebrities on New Year's Eve? Watch the fates of Huck, Angelica and Juliet · TV News

Where are the celebrities on New Year's Eve?  Watch the fates of Huck, Angelica and Juliet · TV News

Bruna Márquezine, Juliette Freire, Sasha Meneguel and Giles de Vigor are located in northeastern Brazil, the region that welcomed the largest number of celebrities on New Year's Eve. The destination chosen by the celebrities was Porto de Galinhas, in Pernambuco, which became the “spot” of the new year. Angelica and Luciano Haack are in Maceió, Alagoas.

The presenting couple has not visited the state for ten years. With the recording of the last song of Dominão do Huck, the presenter took the week off to rest away from television, unlike Maju Coutinho, who works this Sunday (31) in Fantástico – as the online magazine Globo broadcasts live.

Huck shared the photos with his wife. They have taken a boat trip and will be celebrating the arrival of 2024 with other famous friends who are also there, such as Karolina Diekmann, Britta Gil, Grazy Masafera, Xoxa Menegel and Marianna Ximenes.

Angelica's husband revealed on Instagram why he chose the capital of Alagoas to spend New Year's Eve. “We couldn't have chosen a better corner of the world to start 2024. This is a year of good health and peace,” he wrote on Instagram.

The father of Joachim, Benicio and Eva added: “I haven't been here for 10 years; for the first time, I brought my family. This place is magical and has developed very well.”

Juliette showed Sasha Minguel and Bruna Márquezine with her in Porto de Galinhas. The trio also met Anitta and Gil do Vigor. Fernanda Concon, João Guilherme Avila, Maisa Silva, Camila Quiroz, Kleber Toledo, Marie Gonzalez, Vittoria Strada and Jade Bacon are also present.

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Sabrina Sato, Vitor Fernando, Selena Lux and Ronaldo went to Bahia. Couples Giovanna Lancellotti, Gabriel David, Jana Laffin and Bruno Gisoni also chose to spend New Year's Eve in Maceo, but in Japaratinga.

See below how the New Year is going for celebrities:


Sasha, Bruna, Anita and Juliet in Pernambuco


Angelica, Hawk, and Grazie are in Alagoas


Maesa Silva in Porto de Galinhas, Pernambuco

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