When is it time to stop driving? What do you know about older people and driving?

When is it time to stop driving?  What do you know about older people and driving?

A number of uncontrollable diseases or conditions present major obstacles. Visual impairment (cataracts, glaucoma) combined with slow reflexes, decreased mobility, or poor hearing can render an elderly person unable to drive.

To make curves, make sudden maneuvers, and reach the trickiest pedals and controls, it's important to be firm, flexible, and pain-free. It is common in older people that certain osteoarthritis diseases can interfere with this. Osteoarthritis, the erosion of spinal cartilage, can reduce neck mobility and put pressure on the spinal cord, altering the strength and sensitivity of the extremities.

Other terms also mark the end or limitation of independence. Concerns include: disorders, dementia, strokes, and the consequences of heart attacks, in addition to the normal changes caused by aging that can affect attention, concentration, memory, and delayed responses in traffic. Some medications also have side effects that affect levels of consciousness and cause dizziness and excessive sleepiness.

Convincing seniors to slow down

It may not be easy to educate older people about the need to slow down, especially if they have been driving all their lives. If active but weak, it is helpful to ask that they avoid busy roads, rush hours or long journeys.

He can drive in the area where he lives, on quiet paths and for short moments, such as going to the supermarket. Driving with a companion can also provide additional security, as you can leave with your cell phone turned on and, if possible, installed with an app that allows you to track your location via satellite.

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