Whatsapp with payments via Nubank in 2021; All you need to know

NUBANK will award an initial credit of R $ 50 to whoever is approved

Payments will be issued on WhatsApp using Nubank. According to information from fintech, this is another step towards reinventing people’s financial lives.

“We are always looking for new solutions to needs Reality Of people. From the public. So we are happy to announce that we have arrived Payments by WhatsApp “, He said to Nobank.

Now, with this new functionality, card customers with the extension debt From Nubank, sending and receiving money on WhatsApp is just as easy as chatting with friends, sending photos, and sharing files with their contacts.

“Everything in a simple, safe, fast and free way,” Fintech says.

The Payments feature on WhatsApp is provided by Facebook Pay, it is an easy and secure way to make payments on Facebook apps, and it is processed by Facebook Payments and Cielo.

To access the new functionality, it is necessary to download the latest version of WhatsApp and the Nubank application from the app store on your phone. See below how this new feature will work.

Payments on WhatsApp: How It Works?

WhatsApp has just launched its payment functionality and Nubank is one of the first organizations chosen to offer this capability to its clients.

“We are gradually rolling out this functionality to our base, so if you are already a customer, stay tuned as it will soon appear in your Nu app,” says Nubank.

There is another way to access the Payments feature on WhatsApp: to be “invited” by friends. When the job is released to you, if you don’t have your friends yet, just make a payment or send a money order and the registration option will appear immediately.

Thus, when you open a conversation with your friends, it will be possible to send or receive money in the same way you send files, photos, contacts and your location.

At the moment, the payments function is only available on WhatsApp to transfer money between personal accounts. In other words: WhatsApp Business users are still using it No They can accept payments from their customers for services or goods.

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If you are not already a Nubank customer, it’s easy to access more of this functionality. Within minutes, you can open your account and activate your debit card, only click here.

In addition to all the ease, transparency and unique experience that more than 35 million Nubank customers already know, you will now also have the ability to bring your payments into WhatsApp.

How to pay for WhatsApp with a discount Nubank?

To make a payment via WhatsApp using debt Nubank is simple: just add your card on Facebook Pay, in WhatsApp itself, and the balance is available in your Nubank account.

Remember, in order to gain access to the new functionality, it is necessary to download the latest version of WhatsApp and the Nubank application in the application store of your mobile phone.

Watch step-by-step how to make a WhatsApp payment using the discount from Nubank:

  1. In your WhatsApp settings, select the “Payments” option;
  2. Click “Facebook Pay” to read the terms and conditions and generate a six-digit personal identification number – a type of password that will be used in Facebook Pay transactions;
  3. Enter your full name, CPF number, home address, card details with debit function – number, expiration date and CVV; You can use the default discount as well.
  4. The next step is to verify your card. On the Nubank app, you will receive a six-digit code to insert into WhatsApp;
  5. Just check and prepare, your card has been registered!

As with making a purchase with your Nubank card, you will receive a notification on the Nu app whenever you make payments through WhatsApp.

As you can see below, sending money via WhatsApp is as simple and fast as sending a picture.

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How to request a payment via WhatsApp?

If you want to request a payment via WhatsApp for this friend or family member who owes you any amount, the process is also simple:

  1. In WhatsApp, select the “Pay” option;
  2. Click “Request”;
  3. Enter the required amount and send it to the contact.

Who can make payments via WhatsApp with Nubank?

Nubank is among the first financial institutions in Brazil that can be used for WhatsApp payments. To send and receive money via WhatsApp using Nu, you must be a customer of a Nubank account and have the debit function for your card. Energetic.

And why is religion necessary?

Basically, this is just a safer way to identify a person’s account in WhatsApp transactions – since the card is linked to the account.

Ah, it’s worth noting that this functionality will be gradually released to our customers over the next few weeks. Stay tuned our blog for updates.

Not a Nubank customer yet and want to make payments via WhatsApp?

A Nubank Producer Account for Everyone – And if you don’t have one to call you yet, unlocking only takes three minutes. you can do that In our app or by clicking on the “Open Your Nubank Account” button below:

After opening your account, you can request your debit card with a few clicks. And it is not necessary to wait for your physical card to arrive to register it on WhatsApp: you can create a file Virtual card Debit card in our app and start using it.

See below how to request a card with a debit function:

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Step-by-step to order a Nubank debit card

To order a Nubank debit card is easy:

  1. In the Nu app, tap the gear icon at the top of the main screen;
  2. Select the option “Request a discount job”;
  3. Confirm the address for receiving the card;
  4. Enter the four-digit password, and you’re done – you will receive the card at the address you entered.

I have a credit card, but I haven’t activated the debit function. And now?

For those who have a Nubank credit card Latest version (The one with the number in the back) and you want to activate the opponent function is simple:

  1. In the Nubank app, go to “Settings”;
  2. Click “Activate the discount function”
  3. ready! Your card will already be enabled for both functions – debit and credit.

What if you don’t see the option to “enable discount function” in the app? This means it’s already activated and you can actually make discount purchases.

I have the oldest credit card. How to activate the discount feature?

If you have the old Nubank card (the first, with the number on the front) or are not a Nubank credit card customer, simply request the new card with the debit function activated. Thus, we are issuing your new card with the discount function enabled.

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