Whatsapp will provide verification stamp for channels; Understands

Whatsapp will provide verification stamp for channels;  Understands

Hey WhatsApp, one of the most popular messaging apps in the world, is launching a new feature that will allow business accounts to add a verification badge to their channels. This new feature was announced by the company through a partnership with Goal It is verified, with the aim of providing users with a reliable way to identify legitimate business accounts within the app.

The importance of verifying business accounts

With the continuous growth of e-commerce and the increasing number of businesses using WhatsApp as a communication channel with their customers, it has become necessary to create a reliable way to determine whether a business account is authentic or not. Verifying business accounts on WhatsApp gives users peace of mind knowing that they are communicating with a legitimate and trustworthy company.

How verification works

The WhatsApp business account verification process is simple and efficient. Businesses interested in obtaining the Verified Seal will need to sign up for the Meta Verified service. This subscription will allow the company to access an exclusive control panel, where they can manage all the settings related to their WhatsApp Business account.

Benefits of verification stamp

Adding a verification badge to business accounts provides a series of benefits to both businesses and WhatsApp users. Some advantages include:

  1. credibility: The verification seal gives companies a more reliable and authentic image in the eyes of users.

  2. Quick identification: Users will be able to easily identify whether they are communicating with a verified company or not.

  3. Customer service: Businesses with a verified account will have the opportunity to provide more efficient and personalized customer service, and establish direct and transparent communications with their customers.

How to request verification

To request verification Business account on WhatsAppThe company needs to follow some simple steps:

  1. Access the Meta Verified dashboard.

  2. Fill out all the required information, such as your company name, phone number associated with your business account, contact information, and company details.

  3. Wait for verified Meta approval. After analyzing the information provided, Meta Verified will verify the authenticity of the company and, if approved, will give a verification stamp.

Restrictions and restrictions

While the business account verification feature on WhatsApp is a welcome addition, there are some limitations and restrictions to take into consideration:

  • The Verified Seal does not guarantee the authenticity of the products or services provided by the company. Users should continue to exercise caution when transacting online.

  • Verification is only available to companies that subscribe to the Meta Verified service. Businesses that are not subscribed will not be able to access the verification feature.

In addition to, Adding the business account verification feature WhatsApp It is an important step to determine the reliability and authenticity of companies on the platform. With the verification badge, users will have peace of mind knowing they are communicating with legitimate companies, while businesses will be able to provide more efficient and personalized customer service.

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If you own a company and use… WhatsApp As a communication channel, be sure to consider requesting verification of your business account. This will help build an image of trust with your customers and create more transparent and direct communications.

Don't forget to follow WhatsApp updates and news to make the most of all the available features.

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