WhatsApp: What happens if you do not accept the new application rules by May 15 – 05/11/2021 – Tec

WhatsApp: What happens if you do not accept the new application rules by May 15 - 05/11/2021 - Tec

a The WhatsApp It decided that until Saturday (15) its users must decide whether or not to accept the new terms and conditions for using the app.

One of the main changes is the exchange of information WhatsApp account data Such as The social networking site Facebook, The parent company of Correspondence Service. Not only will this happen in the European Union and the United Kingdom.

After this period, those who do not accept the new terms will start using the app in a limited way.

“No account will be removed,” WhatsApp said on its website.

But what can change then?

Access only through notifications

From May 15th, those who do not accept the new terms will not be able to open their chat list.

“But you can answer calls and video calls. If you enable notifications, you can touch them to read or answer messages, as well as answer missed calls or video calls,” the company says.

Meaning, users will only be able to access conversations through onscreen notifications.

If the account holder does not accept the updates after “a few weeks,” according to the company, they will no longer receive calls and notifications.

Constant reminder

In the coming days, the reminder to review and decide on changes to the app will become “more stable” until the user accepts or rejects them, the company says.

However, the account of those who do not accept the new rules will not be deleted immediately – but will be subject to the same current application policy for inactive accounts.

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These rules state that if the messaging service is not used for 120 days, the account will be deleted.

Controversial changes

The changes to be implemented by WhatsApp were announced earlier this year.

In addition to Sharing with Facebook, There is a possibility that WhatsApp data may also be used by Instagram And Messenger, they’re all from the same company.

Some critics saw this as an extrapolation of privacy, and stimulation of a search for alternative services, such as cable And Signal.

In the face of criticism, WhatsApp chose to push back the May 15 deadline to clarify “rumors and misinformation” about the decision.

“We want to make it clear that the update does not in any way affect the privacy of messages that users share with their friends and families,” the company said in a statement.

“Neither WhatsApp nor Facebook can read your messages or listen to the calls you make with your friends, family, or colleagues on WhatsApp. Whatever is exchanged will be between the two of you.”

Christian Leone of the Argentine NGO Asuntos del Sur explained to BBC News Mundo (Spanish BBC service) why WhatsApp user data is so important – and the subject of the dispute.

“WhatsApp contains a lot of metadata, which is the information you get from any message we send – like the brand of the phone, the time of the message, and its location, among others. By doing so, the company can learn a lot about its users,” Leon explained.

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