WhatsApp: Scammers use calls to steal accounts in the app

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Scammers never stop inventing ways Whatsapp account hacking. The Forgery The latest one was discovered by CloudSEk CEO, Rahul Sassi, and stands out for the simplicity of the procedure, as it allows hacking of messaging profiles from just a phone call.

In a blog post on Twitter on Monday (23), the expert explained that cybercriminals communicate with victims, are chosen at random, and convince them to call a certain number. Numbers that begin with numbers are usually dialed.67“or”405‘, associated with operator services.

When the call is made, the victim activates Whatsapp registration process and unintentionally chooses the option to send a file Verification code on the scammer’s phone. With this information, the cybercriminal can take over the target’s account and register it on their device.

When the victim realizes that they can no longer access their WhatsApp account.

using stolen account, the scammer impersonates the owner of this profile and starts conversations with the person’s contacts, usually asking for money for a supposed emergency on their behalf, causing new victims. Due to its simple action mechanisms, Sasi appreciates having a file A large number of affected.

Prevention Tips

According to the security researcher, the best way to protect yourself from Scam steals WhatsApp accounts via a phone call that it Enable two-factor authentication in the messenger. In this way, the user adds an extra layer of protection, which makes it difficult for the attacker to act.

as suggested Set up a password or PIN To log into your account on the messaging app and not provide the platform verification codes to anyone. In addition, you must Beware of messages and calls made by strangers In a program.

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Sasi also warns that the scam has a global reach, as operators in different markets use service numbers similar to malicious campaign numbers.

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