WhatsApp beta is testing a new feature for photos and videos; know which

WhatsApp beta is testing a new feature for photos and videos;  know which

the Whatsapp beta Open a test of a new feature for photos and videos on android Alert about photo and video forwarding with caption A native. Thus, when forwarding audio-visual media, the user receives a message that the content will be accompanied by the comment posted in the original transmission.

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Thus, what is being tested is an application of an automated message that informs the user that the original content of the subtitle will accompany the audio file or the video file.

What can WhatsApp users gain from the new feature for photos and videos?

It is not uncommon to see complaints on social networks or WhatsApp forums about sending media with the original caption. This is because, depending on the content of the text, it can be bad for those who receive it and cause friction.

What the source under test aims to contribute is specifically to stop this type of error from occurring, and to educate the user on how to remove the translation before it is sent.

Check out the test screen released by the WABetaInfo blog:

Recently, in November, the public version of WhatsApp released media forwarding with the original caption released, but without giving any kind of warning. What the new test brings is a complement to this feature, to prevent users from taking action unintentionally.

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