WhatsApp: Backing up conversations on Google accounts will be restricted from December

WhatsApp: Backing up conversations on Google accounts will be restricted from December

Hey Backup WhatsApp chats We will get Some limitations. As the company itself announced, the maximum storage limit for the owner’s Google account Android device This will provide the possibility of saving message information.

In other words, if your available storage reaches the limit, you’ll need to free up space on your account to be able to back up your conversations again. It is worth noting that this has been speculated for some time, and was also discovered in the messaging app code.

November 13

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November 11

According to what was stated on WhatsApp on its website InstructionsA warning will be provided to users through the “Chat Backup” section within the application settings. In addition to freeing up space in the account, a person has the option to free up storage space in the messenger.

To empty your Google Account, you must sign in to it Storage page And look for the option to free up space. There, the user can access all available files to view and remove them completely, if desired.

In the case of WhatsApp, simply go to the Chats tab, change the three dots and access the settings. Then click on Storage and Data, then the Manage Storage option. From there, the user can analyze and delete items that he or she deems necessary.

According to the messenger, the change will be implemented starting December this year for those using the beta version of the app. In short, the entire Android community will see this change happening throughout the first half of 2024. Now, check out the launch of the feature that enables group voice calls.

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Google confirms the changes

in Community function This Tuesday (14) Google spoke about the changes that will be made. In general, the company confirmed the news and increased the storage capacity available for personal accounts. Additionally, there is an option to expand the standard 15GB capacity with the One.

For those who have Workspace accounts and have linked them to their WhatsApp chat backup, there will be no impact of this new feature.

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