WhatsApp announces cross-platform release and conference call changes

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this week , The WhatsApp It started by releasing two functions that are supposed to make life easier for users. From now on, it is possible to access any conference call, even without answering it when the phone rings.

The news was announced through the platform as a way to bring friends and family physically distant due to the novel coronavirus pandemic.

To check the functionality, the user must update their application and access the Calls tab, which will contain the information that the call was lost.

The platform claims that this new functionality also allows to view the participants who were invited but did not join the call.

“As group calling becomes increasingly popular, we are working to improve this experience for our users, always keeping calls safe and privacy protected through end-to-end encryption protection,” the company says.

Other news from The WhatsApp It is a trial version for cross-platform functionality. This new feature allows the user to access the same account on up to four devices independently and simultaneously.

The functionality is being released slowly, to a limited number of users, as a form of testing, due to a change in app development.

Currently, the smartphone centralizes all operations, and other channels – such as the computer version – reflect the content as an additional device.

With the update, all versions work independently and are autonomous in sending and receiving messages, without relying, for example, on the Internet connection of a smartphone.

“Each device will connect to your WhatsApp independently, while maintaining the same level of privacy and security through end-to-end encryption that people who already use WhatsApp know,” ensures the Facebook subsidiary.

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