What's the story behind the Playcenter park bought by Cacau Show?

What's the story behind the Playcenter park bought by Cacau Show?

Incidents contributed to changing the course of history. One was in 2011, when three people were injured, two on the Double Shock and one on the Looping Star coaster. None of them received compensation, only hospital care paid for by the company.

The company has accumulated high debts. GP Investments, which owns 50% of Playcenter's shares, stopped investing even after controlling the company for a period.

Despite the drawbacks, restructuring the park was not a cheap challenge. The need for new attractions, changes in space logistics and annual license renewal requirements have been obstacles to keeping the business afloat.

The end of the era

In 2012, the park closed its doors, and today there are commercial buildings in the place. The farewell was held on Sunday amid emotion from the employees who decorated the entrance with balloons, and some visitors left the place crying. On the last day of business, Playcenter had lines on almost every ride. Those who arrived received a bottom that said “Enjoyed until the last day.” Between Friday, Saturday and Sunday, more than 30,000 visitors visited the park.

After that, the park's attractions gained a new home. Some of them are in Animália Park, one is in Cotia (SP), Splash and Viking boat, for example. Others went to Parque da Criança, in São Bernardo do Campo.

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