What we know about Satan’s Comet, which will pass near Earth in 2024

What we know about Satan’s Comet, which will pass near Earth in 2024

The celestial body experienced huge increases in brightness. As a result, it expelled clouds of gas and icy debris that would have a horn-like shape, giving rise to the nickname.

However, the comet is not yet bright enough to see with ordinary binoculars. Until now, it has only been accessible through large telescopes, but that should change next year.

It will be seen from Earth for the first time in the 21st century. Richard Miles, of the British Astronomical Society, confirmed to CBS News that the comet will pass near the Sun on about April 21, 2024, and then it will pass near the Earth on about June 2.

The comet is currently moving toward the Sun at a speed of about 20 kilometers per second. As it approaches, its speed can reach 160,000 kilometers per hour. When it approaches Earth, its speed will be about 232 million km/hour. After its appearance, the comet will be gravitationally launched back into the outer solar system, and is not expected to return until at least 2095.

More about “Devil’s Comet”:

Officially known as 12P/Pons-Brooks, But it gained the nickname “Devil’s Comet” due to the formation of two “horns” made of ice and gas after its recent explosions.

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