What was the show like after the (new) break between Simone & Simaria

What was the show like after the (new) break between Simone & Simaria

The city of Itabiana, in Sergipe, received Simon and Simaria on Saturday (11/6). It was the sisters’ first performance. After the famous estrangement between them, It happened on the previous show, at Caruaru. Quite different from that occasion, which in turn acquired huge negative repercussions, “Coleguinhas” showed a lot of harmony and harmony on the stage, hugged each other and “almost” conducted the show together.

Simon opened the event singing alone. According to sources in the LeoDias column, the Simaria could have been stuck in traffic (and why weren’t they together on the same mode of transportation?). Finally, having staged the show with a few songs, she called Simaria on the stage, which was cheered by the audience of almost 25 thousand people. The two hugged, stayed together for a while and continued the song “Loka”.

Once, Simaria joked about the song’s lyrics, referring to Simon, and calling her “crazy.” The record was even posted on the duo’s Instagram stories, but was deleted minutes(?)

Understand what happened to the “Coleguinhas” in Caruaru

One The estrangement between Simon and Simaria It caught the attention of those who watched their show in Caruaru, Pernambuco, at dawn on Saturday (10/6). When the performance came to an end, Simaria, who arrived very late on stage, insisted on continuing and announced three more songs, even though her sister was already saying goodbye to the event.

“One more Simon, wait, at least three more [músicas]Hey, I already went there to solve the business,” he asked Simaria While Simon Wave goodbye to the audience.

The reason Simaria arrived so late in the event, according to Simon, is that her sister felt bad on Friday morning and couldn’t catch a plane with her. But during the afternoon, she got better and headed straight to the show.

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