What should I know before playing Final Fantasy VII Rebirth?

What should I know before playing Final Fantasy VII Rebirth?

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth has quickly become one of the best games in the legendary RPG series. With a strong fan base and an established epic story, the title promises to take players on a new journey through the world of Cloud, Tifa, and Aerith. However, before venturing into this exciting saga, there are some important aspects that players should consider to get the most out of this experience.

In this spirit, we have presented some key points that you should know before embarking on the second part of Final Fantasy VII Remake.

Find out the story so far

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth isn't just another game in the series; It is the middle chapter in the trilogy that began with the remake released in 2020. Therefore, it is necessary to understand the story that precedes Rebirth to fully appreciate the narrative and character developments. From the departure of Cloud and his companions from Midgar to the culminating events in the Temple of the Ancients, Rebirth expands the world of Final Fantasy VII. Learn about the events of the original game and the remake so you don't miss any important details.

The original game is not definitive

Final Fantasy VII was originally released for the PlayStation in 1997 and quickly became popular, with many considering it one of the most influential games not only in the RPG genre, but in the gaming world. Although very important, the game itself isn't actually crucial to being able to embark on Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, since the stories differ from each other at several points.

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In this case, the original game and the remake function as two separate games, without the need to play one or the other to comprehend the story, but it is highly recommended to play to get two different experiences of very high quality.

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Playing the remake is essential

Although Rebirth follows the main story of Final Fantasy VII, it also introduces new twists and turns that may confuse players who are not familiar with the remake. So, even if you're a veteran fan of the series, playing the 2020 remake can be key to fully understanding the events of Rebirth. Be prepared for some unexpected changes and be open to a new interpretation of the classic story.

Discover Zack Fair's past

One of the key elements of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is Zack Fair's role in the narrative. Although he was introduced more discreetly in the original game, the character gained fame in Rebirth. To better understand his importance and relationships with the other main characters, we highly recommend exploring Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII. Originally released for the PSP, this title offers a deeper look into Zack's past and his relationship with Sephiroth, Cloud, and Aerith. Additionally, the recent re-release of Crisis Core on multiple platforms makes it more accessible than ever for players to delve into this important part of the story.

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Before embarking on Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, make sure you're properly prepared. Learn about the story so far, play the 2020 remake to learn about the new elements introduced, and explore Zack Fair's past in Crisis Core. Once you do, you'll be ready to dive head-first into this epic adventure and discover the mysteries that await Midgar and beyond.

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With a rich, engaging narrative, stunning graphics, and immersive soundtrack, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is an unforgettable experience for longtime fans and new players alike. Prepare to be thrilled, surprised and enchanted by everything this wonderful game has to offer.

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