What is Silviano’s ending in telenovela Império? remember

What is Silviano's ending in telenovela Império?  remember

During the chapters of Aguinaldo Silva’s novel, the butler in the palace of Jose Alfredo (Alexander Nero) reveals that he has secrets: Silviano was already married. Maria Marta (Lilia Cabral) has a desire to destroy the leader. Did he get it all in the end? Let’s remember what Silviano ended up with in the telenovela Império so as not to leave you any doubts!

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What is Silviano’s ending in telenovela Império?

In the series’ finale, Silviano (Othon Bastos) encourages Jose Pedro (Cayo Platt) to kidnap Cristina (Liandra Leal), also the captain’s daughter. The villain known as Fabricio MelgaçoHe follows the advice of his partner in crime and takes his sister to a cottage.

Jose Alfredo manages to locate his children and rescue Cristina. A clash took place at the scene and the commander hit his son with the butt of a rifle. Silviano has a more tragic ending than Jose Pedro and dies in the telenovela Império, while saving ex-Cristinabutler From the palace with a bullet fired by Jose (Roberto Berndelli), followers of the leader.

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* Information source: Memória Globo and TV História

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