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Last Tuesday, the exchange announced changes to the methodology whileAnd An index that brings together companies with best practices on the ESG agenda (which includes governance, social and environmental responsibility). The change, however, doesn’t stop there. By making the index more transparent, with more detailed and specific answers, B3 also aims to invite investors to explore and examine the data out there. This will happen through the new ISE platform, which will be on the B3 site or on the index itself. in it, Investors will be able to see the ratings of companies in each rating criterion and compare them to others.

The platform is still under development. What is known, however, is that in it Any investor will be able to see the score of each company in the ISE itself, its position in the overall rating, its position among companies in the sector in which it operates and even its position in relation to peers in this business model (for example, among “sellers of ready-made clothes”). In addition, investors can also view the company’s ratings on each of the criteria evaluated within ISE.

Altogether, there are five broad items: human capital, governance and senior management, business model and innovation, social capital and the environment. Within each of them, there are 28 other “microthemes”.

ISE 2 – Photo: B3

B3 aims to give investors the ability to download the data on the platform and use it in programs like Excel, for example. However, since the tool is still in development, there is no information on how to do it.

The main objective of changing the ISE B3 methodology is to help investors who are looking for ESG products for their portfolio understand the degree to which each company has developed. A navigable ‘dashboard’ will allow investors to search by company, by ESG dimension or by topic, providing clear on-screen rankings that facilitate analysis. In addition to our strong commitment to advancing the ESG agenda in Brazil, as a stock exchange, our role is also to contribute to the provision of clear and reliable information to individual investors, who have increased their participation in products with variable incomes month by month ” Louis Kondyk, Main Listed products and B3 data.

ESG money dollar investment – Photo: Getty Images

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