What are the causes and treatment?

What are the causes and treatment?

Hair loss is greater in men than in women

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Did you know that, on average, we lose 100 to 120 hairs per day? This is a natural process for the organism and it is part of growth and aging. There are some reasons for this, such as genetic factors, emotional factors, and even Covid-19.

According to Dr. Luciana Malouf, a dermatologist, the virus causes an organic inflammation called “telogen effluvium,” which is hair loss after some aggression in the body. “This kind of problem has no specific location, so hair can grow back.”

In the event of hair loss due to the virus, there is no point in treating the consequence only, but from the cause of the disease to recommend appropriate medicines. Dr. Luciana Malouf asserts that “this disorder can be caused by changes in the thyroid gland, anemia or vitamin D deficiency.”

Since the effective treatment will depend on its origin, it is possible after diagnosis that the patient will use follicle growth accelerators, such as Biotin and D-Panthenol, as well as a series of products that the doctor can recommend.

Why do men lose more hair than women?

According to studies, the rate of hair loss is higher in men because the cause of baldness is related to testosterone, the male hormone that, when converted into a derivative called DHT (dihydrotestosterone), acts on the hair bulb and promotes hair thinning.

Baldness begins at the age of 40 and usually affects the front doorways and the upper part behind the head. In the scalp, there are two enzymes that are responsible for male hormone metabolism, one of which is 5 alpha reductase, which works mainly in the occipital region and in the entrances, in men and in the crown in women.

How to avoid?

Watch out for signs

It is important to be attentive when there is a significant drop of wires in the vortex and into side entrances. In addition, it is important to check for a history of baldness in close relatives. The earlier prevention or treatment is started, the less effective the disease will be.

Take care of the food

Food is everything! Choose healthy and natural foods, such as fruits, vegetables and seeds. It is rich in vitamins and other nutrients that are essential for our health. Hence, there will be a direct impact on hair health.

The ideal is to invest in a healthy, varied diet to achieve great results for the health of your body. If you are having difficulty introducing this change, it is a good idea to seek help from a dietician.

Perform preventive surgery

Preventive surgery consists of hair transplantation and is very effective. It can be used when only the skin is affected or when the disease has not completely affected the hair. In this procedure, healthy and permanent areas are used, that is, parts that are generally not affected by baldness.

These wires are planted in the fall regions. Thus, as the disease increases and the original wires disappear, the implanted wires should still be upright. This prevents disease from affecting its appearance, in addition to ensuring the naturalness of the strands.

Seek professional help early

When identifying the first signs of baldness, see a professional, such as a dermatologist, to assess your condition, diagnose the causes, and guide the most appropriate treatment for you. Only then can baldness be prevented and not let this problem affect your health, vanity and well-being.

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