Wesley’s wife lied her age to skip the vaccination line

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The digital influencer is said to be 31 years old during various stages of vaccination when in fact she was 30 years old

Health workers say digital influencer and singer Wesley Savadao’s wife, Thean Dantas, lied about her age while being vaccinated against Covid-19. The immunization took place in Fortaleza, Ceará.

According to the vaccination site registrar and the vaccine requester, Thean claimed she was 31 years old during the vaccination stages, but in reality she was 30 years old. Identity documents were not received.

Thyane was not due to receive the vaccination and the application day was for people aged 32 and over. At the time the topic was brought up, Sfadaw and his wife said there were no wrongdoings and that she had received a dose of xepa. However, the city said there were no doses of xepa at the time of the immunization. After that, Wesley Savadao’s team stated that the singer and the woman would not take a stand on the matter.

An investigation has been opened to investigate irregularities in Thyane’s vaccination. The investigation was completed by the municipal health department of the municipality. According to the file, there were irregularities in the actions of three employees of the municipal authority, one public employee and two external employees.

The secretariat also says that internal investigations indicate the possibility of a crime of passive corruption by three employees in the city of Fortaleza. The decision was signed by the Municipal Health Minister, Anna Estella Light, and published in the Municipal Gazette on September 6.

An administrative disciplinary action will be opened against the maid. The other two involved are part of an outside company, Grupo Servnac, which has requested access to the investigation in order to obtain subsidies to “determine appropriate actions to be taken”. Veja SP . Report.

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