We tested headphones with the word “iPod” on the box

We tested headphones with the word “iPod” on the box

There are three options: Noise Cancellation (completely cancels out noise), Talk (to quickly talk to someone without having to take off the headphones) and Ambient Awareness (allow some outside sounds to pass through, if you prefer that method or in situations where that brings in more sound (Security, such as walking on crowded streets).

Spatial audio makes everything more immersive. Spatial audio has three modes: movie, music, and game. It enhances sound that seems to come from different directions and distances, making it more immersive. They’re not as impressive as Apple’s AirPods, but they add value to the experience. It can be selected on the screen or in the application.

Customizable equation. Not all headphones allow you to change the sound characteristics. The JBL model has five preset options: Jazz, Vocal, Club, Bass, and Studio.

For the type of music I listen to, rock in general, the last two are the most interesting, as they highlight the instruments. Moreover, you can create your own profile, and customize the sound frequencies that suit you best.

Solid battery. It’s another positive point. Although it has a relatively small box (and a power-guzzling screen), JBL promises 8 to 10 hours of music.

In my tests, with noise cancellation almost always turned on, the Tour Pro 2 did what it promised — I use it to get to and from work and charge it at most once a week. The device can be charged using the included USB-C cable or via an inductor on the back of the case.

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