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The group rescued a dog who was swimming alone in the middle of the ocean (Photo: Reproduo / TikTok)

It was just a relaxing stroll by the sea last Sunday (24/10), when young Brian Crowell and the group of friends who sailed together went viral for the week. The group rescued a dog that was swimming alone in the middle of the ocean.

The girl lives in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States. The moment of the rescue was recorded by the young woman and posted on TikTok.

In an interview with the Dodo Gate, Brin said he initially thought the dog was something missing in the sea, like a hat, and when they approached it they realized it was actually a puppy.

The girl remembered that the dog was very frightened: “You can say that he only swam for life.”

The dog had an identification collar with the names of the guardians written on it and was called Zuko. Upon arriving on Earth, Bryn called the number and called him to bring back Zuko: “We called and we could hear everyone was crying and getting angry on the phone.”

The family explained that they were on a boat trip at the place with other dogs and didn’t notice Zuko’s disappearance until they got home. “When we came back to Zuko, we could see that they [a famlia] “They were hugging him and crying,” Brian said.

Bryn and the teachers kept in touch after the dog returned, and everything seems to be going well with Zuko according to the photos posted by the young woman.

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