Watch the results of the 20th round matches

Flamengo e Palmeiras se enfrentaram em São Paulo

The 20th round of the Brazilian Championship was marked by the confrontation between the leaders of the competition. In the G4 teams duel, leaders Atlético-MG beat Fortaleza away, 2-0, as well as away, Flamengo turned the match and won Palmeiras 3-1.

Watch how the Brazilian championship table turned after the 20th round matches

The round, which began on Saturday (11), also saw Chapecoense’s first win in competition, a good streak of results from Cuiaba, who is approaching the pre-Libertadores qualifying zone, and more highlights.

Watch how the matches of Round 20 of the Brazilian Championship were:

Fluminense x Sao Paulo

Fluminense beat Sao Paulo 2-1 in the Maracana
Fluminense beat Sao Paulo 2-1 at Maracana / David Normando / Futura Press / Estadao Contido.

In the Maracana, Fluminense hosted Sao Paulo and, with goals from Nino and Luiz Henrique, they beat Sao Paulo with the tricolor 2-1 in the match that concluded Sunday’s matches on the tour – Reinaldo earned the visitors money.

As a result, Fluminense followed him in seventh place with 28 points. Sao Paulo is 16th with 22 points, one point ahead of America-MG, who opens the relegation zone.

Atlético-GO x Corinthians

Atlético Go and Corinthians tied 1-1 in Goiania
Atlético Go and Corinthians tied 1-1 in Goiania / Andre Costa / Uai Foto / Estadão Content

Atlético-Go and Corinthians faced each other in Goiania and drew 1-1, Gabriel Pereira opened the scoring for Sao Paulo and Ze Roberto tied for Goias.

On the leaderboard, the two teams have not changed their position and are close. Timão is now sixth with 29 points, and Dragão ninth with 26 points.

The match was marked by additional decisions. The National Health Watch Agency (Anvisa) has notified Corinthians to prevent the first appearance of striker Willian, who has been in the UK for less than 14 days.

Brazilian travelers who come from the European country need to be quarantined in order to contain the spread of the new coronavirus. The club accepted Alfingro’s decision and did not name the player.

Fortaleza x Atlético-MG

Atletico MG beat Fortaleza away 2-0
Atlético MG beat Fortaleza 2-0 / Cayo Rocha / Framephoto / Estadão Content

In Arena Castelão, the Atlético-MG leader visited Fortaleza, and with two goals from Zaracho and Júnior Alonso in the second stage, he beat Ceará 2-0.

As a result, Gallo reached 42 points and extended the superiority of the deputy commander Palmeiras to seven points. Fortaleza lost a place and took fourth place with 33 points.

palm trees x flamingo

Flamengo and Palmeiras faced each other in Sao Paulo
Flamengo and Palmeiras faced each other in São Paulo / Marcelo Zambrana / Agência de Fotografia / Estadão Conteúdo

By wrapping and thanks to Michael’s outstanding performance, Flamengo beat Palmeiras 3-1 on Sunday (12), at Allianz Parque, in the 20th round of the Brazilian Championship, and touched upon Verdao in the dispute over Brazil’s vice leadership.

Alverde started the match well, and after only 14 minutes into the first half, he opened the scoring with a good individual play for striker Wesley. But Flamengo’s reaction came immediately and two minutes later Michael tied Robro Negro head-to-head.

The second half was kept busy, and in the 11th minute of the second stage, Pedro climbed more than Alverde’s defense, as he turned his header the match to Flamengo.

Returning to the scoreboard, Verdão began to attack, leaving room for the red and black counterattack. In the 35th minute of the second half, Michael received it from Vitino, dribbled past Marcos Rocha, and decided Flamengo’s victory with his second goal.

As a result, Flamengo – who had less than two matches in the competition – moved up to third place with 34 points, one point behind Palmeiras. Verdau, on the other hand, continues in second place, but saw the advantage of leaders Atlético MG – who beat Fortaleza away to 42 points – rise to seven.

Guild x Ceará

At home, Grêmio beat Ceará 2-0 on Sunday (12)
At home, Grêmio beat Ceará 2-0 on Sunday (12) / Roberto Vinícius / Agafoto / Estadão Content

In a meeting with coach Thiago Nunes, Grêmio beat Ceara 2-0 at home, in the match that opened Sunday’s matches in Brazil, with two goals from Diego Sousa and Ferreira in the first half.

Even with the victory, the tricolor of Rio Grande do Sul remained in the relegation zone, with 19 points, in 18th place. Ciara is 11th with 24 points.

Santos x Bahia

Santos and Bahia tied 0-0 at Villa Belmiro
Santos and Bahia drew 0-0 over Villa Belmiro / Anderson Lira / Framivoto / Estadoa.

In the first appearance of coach Fabio Carrell in charge of Pixi, Santos had only drawn 0-0 with Bahia, at Villa Belmiro, Saturday night (11).

The score keeps both teams close to the relegation zone. With 23 points, Bixe is now 13th, while Bahia, with 22 points, is 15th.

Red Bull Bragantino x Chapecoense

Chapecoense beat Red Bull Bragantino 2-1 away
Chapecoense beat Red Bull Bragantino 2-1 away / Willian Oliveira / Futura Press / Stadium content.

The Brazilian Fantern, Chapecoense, went to Braganca Paulista to face Red Bull Bragantino, and with a 49-minute goal in the second half, he achieved his first victory in the competition by defeating Massa Brota in Naby Abi Chedid with two goals to one from Anselmo. Ramon and Mike – Artur spent money for the home team.

Even with the victory, Chapecoense continues to be in a complicated position in the competition, in last place, with only 10 points. On the other hand, Bragantino with 32 points continues in fifth place.

Youth x cuiaba

Cuiaba beat Juventus 2-1
Cuiaba beat Juventus 2-1 / Luiz Irbes / Agência de Fotografia / Estadão Conteúdo

Continuing the good results of the last matches, Cuiaba went to Caxias do Sul on Saturday and beat Juventus 2-1, with goals from Quintero (against) and Jennison – Guilherme Castillo scored for the home team.

With this win, Dorado climbed four places and is now eighth with 27 points. Young people are in 14th place with 23 points.

America-MG x Athletico-PR

América-MG got the Athletico-PR in Belo Horizonte and won 2×1
América-MG got Athletico-PR in Belo Horizonte and won 2 x 1 / Gilson Junio ​​/ W9 Press / Estadão Conteúdo

In the match that opened the tour, America-MG beat Atletico-PR 2-0 on Saturday (11), with goals from Felipe Azevedo and Lucas Cale, and secured their second consecutive victory in Brazil.

As a result, Coelho remains steady in the fight to leave the relegation zone, with 21 points, in 17th place. The Hurricane, who did not win in seven matches, fell to the tenth place with 24 points.

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