Watch the live meteor shower that will reach its climax this dawn – news

Watch the live meteor shower that will reach its climax this dawn - news

Those who wish to observe the Lerid meteor showers, which will peak in the early hours of Thursday (22), and have no means of commuting to an open space away from the city lights, can watch the phenomenon live through an initiative Icarus project. The images shown are captured by All Sky Camera, located in Jacarezinho, inside Parana, and viewed in real time.

The equipment is maintained by radio amateurs Luciano Diniz and Demilson Quintão, who united with the aim of studying the Earth’s atmosphere, and they laid out the idea for the project. The lenses are capable of taking 360 photos of the sky.

In order for everything to go as expected, it is necessary that the sky be clear, that is, without clouds. On the part of observers, it is sufficient to plan to stay awake until dawn – when there is no light in the sky, not even the moon – and look at the sky reproduced on the screen in all directions.

Although the impression is that all meteorites start from one point, the Lira Constellation, located on the northern horizon, meteors are scattered among themselves and can be seen from anywhere in the sky.

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