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Jupiter can “throw” comets and asteroids at Earth

Jupiter, in a way, is seen as the protector of the earth, against asteroids and comets. However, this idea is also contested, as the gas giant is considered a strong influencer of cosmic influences on our planet.

UK passes legislation to improve online security

The United Kingdom has passed online safety legislation aimed at making England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland “the safest place in the world to be online”. One of the key changes is the following: The text obligates major technologies to monitor and deal with illegal content. Currently, these companies have to act only after being warned. We welcomed Arthur Igreja, an expert on technology and innovation, to talk more about this matter.

Eating insects is good for your digestion

Eating insects is good for your health, according to a study published in the journal Science. This happens because these animals contain something called chitin, which helps the body function better and prevents weight gain. Chitin is also present in the shells of crustaceans and fungi.

3D printed salmon is the new thing in vegan cuisine

If you want to have something different for dinner or try a new dish, you can now buy the first 3D printed salmon. This vegan product not only tastes like real fish, but has the same amount of protein and omega-3s.

The 800-million-year-old organism contains the “ancestor” cells of neurons

Placozoans are small, primitive animals about the size of a grain of sand that have been in seawater for 800 million years. They were studied in depth by researchers from Spain and Germany who discovered very interesting properties in secretory cells.

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Musk’s company is seeking volunteers to test the brain chip

Neuralink is looking for candidates who want to have a chip in their brain. The official recruitment comes months after Elon Musk’s company received official approval from the US health regulatory agency FDA for human testing.

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