Watch how loans deducted from payroll can reach R$5,000 after interest rises

Watch how loans deducted from payroll can reach R$5,000 after interest rises

Pensioners and retirees from the National Institute of Social Security (INSS) who are considering a payroll loan may pay more when closing a deal. From 2022, banks will be able to charge interest of up to 2.14% per month. Currently, the percentage is up to 1.8%.

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the salary loan It is the method in which premiums are paid through direct debit to benefits. Due to the guarantee of payment, the interest rates for this type of contract are lower when compared to traditional personal credit.

With the potential increases, which will also affect credit card transactions – whose rate will rise from 2.7% currently to 3.06% per month – it is important that the insured INSS is aware of how much they will have to pay from now if they borrow any money through payroll deduction mode. Learn more below!

Payroll loan simulation after interest rate hike

Here are some simulations of payroll loans made by financial guru Thiago Martello with the new rate hike. They can help those who are considering using the service to make a decision in the best way:

It should be noted that the survey conducted by the educator did not take into account the total effective cost of loans. When entering into an agreement, financial institutions apply fees and taxes, such as the IOF (Financial Operations Tax).

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