Was Luigi fired? Understand the reality show brother controversy

Was Luigi fired?  Understand the reality show brother controversy

Lucas Luigi He was the target of false rumors after the controversy BP24. On Tuesday, January 23, video clips appeared indicating that he was expelled from the reality show, which is a lie. He remains in the program.

Lucas Luigi on BBB 24

Photo: Reproduction/Globo/Mis Novella

The rumors surfaced after a Pipoca group member once again used the word “monkey” to refer to a black woman. Lady Elaine He has already advised his fellow inmate not to use it anymore.

Luigi's behavior sparked outrage and netizens criticized him on social media. “sillysaid one person.Guys, again?, surprises someone else. “How sad to see a black man say that“, lamented the third.

Luigi's team is talking

After the fallout, Luigi's team broke the silence and spoke out. “Luigi, like many of us, is in an ongoing process of racial literacy, and like many of us black people, continues to reproduce the contradictions imposed by structural racism, which this text will not be able to resolve. His aim is to contextualize a pluralistic reality that expresses the experience of many Black men and women in the country, we cannot forget that being a poor black person from the suburbs is different from sitting in gym chairs“, He began.

He continued: “Racism is so complex that it makes racists the first to point out the flaws and contradictions of the black person: nothing is more racist than highlighting the flaws and erasing the qualities of the black person. We highlight our deep admiration and respect for all Black women in this country, including those who make up our team. There is already too much against us, and it is time to unite“, the note concluded.

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