Warning: Final days for the annual announcement! Learn how to do it without errors until Friday (31)

Warning: Final days for the annual announcement!  Learn how to do it without errors until Friday (31)

The week ending is crucial for Micro Individual Entrepreneurs (MEI) throughout Brazil. The submission of the mandatory annual information and personal income tax return represents an essential milestone, with the deadline set for next Friday, the 31st, and failure to meet this deadline could result in fines starting from R$ 50. Don't miss this crucial date.

Each year, the Federal Revenue Service requires MEIs to submit specific data about their business activities. This procedure is necessary for the regularity of business registration, and for some, it also includes passing invoices as an individual. In 2024, deadlines have become even tighter, ensuring that all individual entrepreneurs must act quickly.

What should MEI announce this year?

Warning: Final days for the annual announcement! Find out how to do it until Friday (31)

There are two main types of data Which may apply to MEIs: Declaration of Annual Invoices (DASN-SIMEI) and Personal Income Tax Return (IRPF). The first is mandatory for all MEIs and relates to business income under the CNPJ. The second is only required for those who, in addition to business income, have other income in the taxable CPF.

How to make advertising without errors?

Step by step to declare MEI

  1. Keep all invoices issued throughout the year organized.
  2. Access the Simples Nacional web portal.
  3. Enter the company's CNPJ number.
  4. Choose the reference year for approval (2023).
  5. Fill in the value of the total revenue obtained.
  6. Enter the number of employees, if any (remember that MEI can only have one employee).
  7. Review all entered data and complete the submission.
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Once this is done, it is necessary to keep proof of the advertisement being sent to avoid future inspection problems.

Potential complications for those who do not declare

In addition to the initial fine of R$50, SFIs that do not comply with the declaration requirements may face other complications, such as active debt registration and barriers to accessing tax benefits and government credit lines reserved for small entrepreneurs.

In short, it is very important that all SMEs are aware of the deadlines and procedures stipulated for this year. Proper advertising not only avoids fines and legal complications, but also facilitates business management and financial planning for the entrepreneur. Don't leave it to the last minute; Stay organized and comply with your tax obligations!

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