Wanessa Camargo's sister praises the singer when she sees that she is considering quitting 'BBB24': 'Giant, proud'

Wanessa Camargo's sister praises the singer when she sees that she is considering quitting 'BBB24': 'Giant, proud'

Camila Camargo defends her sister, Wanessa, after crying Reproduction

Wanessa Camargo had a crying fit on Wednesday (17) on BBB 24, and told herself that she could not give up the program. The scene had repercussions on the Internet, and netizens wondered if she would press the button to say goodbye to Big Brother Brasil 24, which is in Middle of the room, his sister Camila Camargo quickly spoke out on social media, highlighting her sister's qualities.

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“I love you, I love you, I love you! You are a giant, my love… You have a pure and kind heart, which seeks to see the best in others. I am so proud of you…”, Camila commented in an Instagram post that showed a video of Wanessa crying.

Yasmin Brunet and Wanessa Camargo on BBB 24 – Photo: Reproduction/Globo

In a conversation with Yasmin Brunet, Zizi de Camargo's daughter explained her fears about feeling inferior and confirmed that one of her fears is that she does not deserve to win the program because she is sitting in the box.

“I'm a bit sad here. Things are getting to me here, the triggers that I thought I didn't have anymore. It's getting to me when people look at Camarot and think: 'They don't deserve to be here.' “Because they have a following, fame. We have everything to lose. This feeling of fraud affects all of us at Camarote. “If it depended on Pipoca, we wouldn't stay.”

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Furthermore, with Marcus Vinicius, she confided that she was afraid of being considered a vegetable: “I can't figure out why I'm here. It's getting cloudy. When I find myself questioning my nature and my character… I have trouble coping no matter what,” she said.


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