Virginia tells why she avoids portraying Leonardo, her father-in-law Zee Felipe

Virginia tells why she avoids portraying Leonardo, her father-in-law Zee Felipe

Virginia Fonseca is an internet celebrity who alone has nearly 28 million followers on Instagram, 25.3 million on TikTok and another 9.8 million on YouTube. However, she is also known, since 2020, Be part of a famous family. Singer Leonardo.

The digital influencer is married to Zé Felipe, one of the singer’s six children country side. When she met her current husband, at the beginning of their relationship, she lived for a while in the Leonardo Palace in Goiania. They currently live in a neighboring house, in the same apartment complex, but are still very close to “Léo e Poli” (Poliana Rocha, wife of Leonardo and mother of Zee Philip), as Virginia calls her.

But what catches the attention of Virginia’s followers is that the influencer doesn’t show her father-in-law much in her videos, even practically posting content 24 hours a day in Instagram stories and supplying her YouTube channel daily with videos of her routine, which includes numerous visits to in-laws’ homes.

Zee Felipe, their 5-month-old daughter Maria Alice, and her mother, Polyana, are very present in Virginia publications. Leonardo has already appeared several times, but his image is less consistent on the channel and in the stories of the digital influencer.

And this has an explanation, as Virginia herself said splash During her interview with Camila Loris to talk about their podcast, PodCats.

“Leo is not from the internet generation. It’s from the time that artists only appeared on stage. No one could reach them. They weren’t always filming where they were, no one knew where they were. So when he went up on stage, everyone was there. There to see them,” she explains of her father-in-law, who broke up in the late 1980s while still in pairs with his brother, Leandro, who died in 1998.

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“When I got to the family, there wasn’t much to post. Zé Felipe didn’t post almost anything, Polly had just entered the digital world, so she didn’t post much either. Then she arrived.”

Virginia believes it is necessary to respect the privacy of Leonardo, who uses social media less than the rest of the family. “I’m not going to come to photograph him, and photograph his house with him there. I know he doesn’t care. So much so that when I was living there he didn’t want us to leave.”

According to the influencer, Leonardo made her feel free to record at his home, but she doesn’t feel comfortable showing it. “When I record stories, if he says something, I know he wants to appear. I know I’m free to film it. Now if he’s silent, I’ll record it in my story and I won’t put it down. But he’s very quiet. If I film him, I know he won’t mind.”

on your YouTube channel, Virginia Already Offered Ranch Talismã The Leonardo Recording Room and the Trophy, as well as various parts of the singer’s family home. With the arrival of Maria Alice, Grandma Poliana renovates Philip’s outfit and Turn the place into a nursery for a granddaughter.

After tips she got from her daughter-in-law, Poliana Rocha, who is a journalist, she has already amassed 4.6 million followers on Instagram and also works as a digital influencer, being one of the talents of Talismã Digital, a company set up after Virginia came into the family. With the support of his famous wife, Zee Phillip also took several songs to the top of the charts of flow.

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