Viih tube appears in the bathroom with a piece of dental floss with a hard bottom

Viih tube appears in the bathroom with a piece of dental floss with a hard bottom

At 21, the former BBB Viih . tube She always breaks hearts on social media with her beautiful pictures. The young woman who left BBB 21, appears bathing in a red shower, with leopard engraving.

In São Miguel do Gustoso, the celebrity he was recently engaged to Lip Ribeiro Arguing by flaunting a strong and toned butt in evidence, in a dazzling way.

One fan said, “Guys, I wish I had a body like that, it’s so cute.” “I can’t stand such beauty,” commented the second person. Another said, “I fell in love with everything.”

take stock

At just 21 years old, Viih Tube has already gone through many different and intense experiences. Last month, the blonde said that 2021 is the year that has marked her life on several occasions. Also according to her Those were the months that taught him a lot.

“Sure. I think it was a unique year for me. It was my turning point with myself, the year of self-knowledge. I got rid of a lot. I’m no longer afraid to be me, to be real with my audience. I lived a lot: Cancellation, breakup, reality show. It was so crazy Intense And it’s definitely one of my best,” he commented.

Then the influencer He explained that he was able to maintain a good standard of living by working from a very young age. “I created my YouTube channel when I was 12 and started making money when I was 14. I joined BBB as a millionaire and now I’ve doubled as well, thank God. Work hard. Even the reality show produced a lot of work for me, like memes showers (joking about the fact that she didn’t shower much in confinement) and family memes (because she calls everyone from the house father, mother…) I made lemonade out of lemons I’ve always been like this: I’ve always tried to be a marketer as much Possible (laughs),” she indicated.

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In addition, she She admitted that she feels the desire to start a family and realize her dream of motherhood. “Yes, I have already bought my house and car. I am a person who has always been down to earth. I do not have many dreams of material possessions. Regarding material goods, I do not think of anything. But what is left for me is the dream of building my family and being a mother,” she said.


Without exploding words, I followed the topic and said that In a great personal and professional phase. With her varied wills, she didn’t hesitate to say what she was really doing.

“I define this new singular phase of me as free, free, and without any fear of being real. To say: “Ah, I really got it!”, “I am really happy!” When it’s a lie, I say: “Guys, why didn’t I I do it!”. When it’s real, I say, “I really did it!” So, living in this real and honest way with my audience is very good,” he said.

paying off:

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