Video: “Where are Dom and Bruno?” On display at Tower Bridge in London

Video: "Where are Dom and Bruno?"  On display at Tower Bridge in London

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a vanishement From the British journalist Dom PhillipsReporter Watchmanthe native brazilian Bruno Araujo Pereirafrom Funai, middle amazon rainforest And under strong doubts It was capture for every criminal gangs Operating in the region since the Brazilian Already threatened in that area tower bridgein LondonOne of the important things Postcards from the English capital.

On this Thursday night (9) a massive drop On the bridge that crosses the tower Tamisa River exposed to discontent from the British and The international community as such vanishement The environmental reporter and anthropologist is in contact with isolated tribes. the case Gain more and more space And the duty In the world news he is Diplomatic crisis From dangerous features threatening hatching Compared to inaction it’s the neglect From Brazilian authoritiesEspecially the president Jair Bolsonaroshe was severely attacked in the photographs displayed on the London memorial.

“Threatened. Now they’re gone “,” Where are Dom and Bruno? “,” A British journalist and an experienced indigenous in the Amazon went missing “,” They were threatened by their work “,” Bolsonaro abandoned the Amazon in the hands of criminals “,” Bolsonaro did nothing to find Dom and Bruno “,” We want answers and “Where are Dom Phillips and Bruno Pereira?” were some of the phrases that appeared in a giant mosaic on Tower Bridge, with transcription also in French and Spanish.

This afternoon, the Charge d’affaires Give UK Embassy in Brazil, Melanie HopkinsI learned that her diplomatic representation sent a asking for help for the Brazilian government. The text that was released to the press was I enjoy And in the tone of conciliatorbut International Analysts It was claimed that patience The British government with the Brazilian authorities, who ponders in the lack of cooperation in a way more effective to solve the case, finish it’s the Downing Street 10 (The seat of the British government) can adopt a firmer stance Against Brazil, which already has its own image very committed And the shook Abroad since Jair Bolsonaro became president.

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