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A two-headed snake was photographed eating two mice at the same time.

A two-headed snake was photographed eating two mice at the same time at the Michigan Zoo in the United States. The photos have spread on social networks and have already exceeded 20 thousand likes. watching video:

The video was posted by reptile expert Brian Barczyk, who works at the zoo, and said that the animal is a real California snake with a rare mutation. “I saw it as a baby and begged to buy it for a year and a half before a friend finally sold it,” Brian said.

The head of each snake has a name: Ben and Jerry. The specialist considers the snake to be very rare because, according to him, there are only five reports in the literature, all of which died before reaching the adulthood that Bem and Jerry were, at the age of four.

“Most two-headed snakes die within the first few months. As you can imagine, there can be a number of complications for a mutation like this,” Brian explained.

According to the expert, although the snake has two heads, it has a unique biological system, with individual organs. Therefore, mice of the same structure will be digested.

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