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A deer that spent two years with a tire around its neck has been rescued United State, Colorado authorities reported Monday (11).

Environmental police said in a statement that the animal got entangled in the material that was dumped in the wild before its horns grew.

It took four attempts by clients Colorado parks and wildlife To be able to cut off the edge and also free the animal that part has been cut off.

The video that researchers used to control animal life in Colorado showed the animal with a tire stuck around its neck – Image: clone/CPW

State Environmental Agency workers discovered the animal in 2019, during a census in area parks.

Since then, they have tried to accompany him with cameras in order to carry out the rescue operation. But they said that “because of its location, it was difficult to find and approach it.”

When the deer finally approached, the agents used sedatives and a power saw to cut the tire and horn so they could safely return it to the wild.

The entire work was accompanied by a team of veterinarians who analyzed the deer and testified that it does not have any problems due to the extra weight it carries on its neck.

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