Video: Groomer gets slashed in the face while trying to get snake eggs out

Video: Groomer gets slashed in the face while trying to get the snake eggs out (Credit: Reproduction/Youtube)

Keeper Jay Brewer, from California, USA, was bitten in the face by a snake while trying to collect his eggs for incubation.

“You got me!” Jay said during a video recording, “I’m in danger until I can put the kids in the incubator, where it’s safe,” Brewer said.

A YouTube video showed the huge yellow python wrapping around a pile of eggs as the guard tried to move its head away with a metal tool.

She (the snake) is like, ‘Hey, you finally laid some eggs and are you going to get them out of me?’ Yes, because we want them to hatch (in the incubator) or else they won’t,” Jay explained.

At one point, Brewer reached out to pick up the large white eggs, which were stuck together, at which point the snake turned around and stings the victim’s face. “Hit in the face!” Jay complained.

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