Video: Dumpster resident paying BRL312 rent: ‘It was the only option’

Video: Dumpster resident paying BRL312 rent: ‘It was the only option’

A 28-year-old got an internet fever after being shown the weird place he lives in: the dump. The house is located in Bermondsey, south east London. He moved there in February because it was the only option he had, still paying R$312 a month in rent.

A man lives in a dumpster in London and pays R$312 in rent – Image: reproduction/instagram

Harrison Marshall shared the videos on his TikTot profile.

The boy explained in a video on the social network that he wanted to live in the rubbish because he could not find any place to rent in the capital, London. He said, “People were getting hundreds of messages from one room… That’s when I started having the idea of ​​’Is it really possible to live in a dumpster? ‘” “

He also considered building a dumpster because of the devastating toll the cost-of-living crisis has taken on millions of families in the UK. “Nobody should live in a dumpster. For me to live in this area, that was the only option, which is crazy,” he explained.

@deputy Will this help reduce the monthly rent payment? #crisis #art #rentingproblems #Harrison Marshall ♬ original sound – VICE

Harrison paid just over R$2,500 to build the venue and showed off what the interior looks like in a video posted to social media. The trash room is decorated with his friends’ artwork, and the kitchen has space to store pots, plates, and cutlery.

His room, consisting of only a bed, is wedged between the kitchen ceiling and the garbage ceiling. Also, the guy has access to a portable toilet, but he prefers to shower at work or the gym.

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Harrison He said Who got “a loophole to live in central London for almost no money”. He even revealed that the best thing about living in a litter is that it has “very friendly neighbours.” In addition, he gets help from some of the neighborhood residents: “They bring me hot meals and home-cooked meals. Well, very well.”

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