Video: A young man finds a puppy, thinks it is a dog, and discovers that it is a wild animal

Video: A young man finds a puppy, thinks it is a dog, and discovers that it is a wild animal

The decision to adopt an abandoned puppy, months later, came as a surprise to a family in Vera Cruz, Mexico. Marian Vasquez Alarcón thought the abandoned puppy was a dog, so he took the animal home and even gave milk in a syringe to the animal, which was thin and hungry.

As time passed, the puppy grew and its behavior began to attract the family's attention, as the animal developed a strong appetite for meat, especially chicken. The supposed pup was also grumpy, and didn't like anyone getting near his meal.

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Marian Vasquez discovered that the animal was actually a wolf, a carnivorous mammal originally from North America. Coyotes are found in the deserts of the western United States and Mexico. Over time, they adapted to different environments. The story went viral on TikTok.

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The wolf feeds on insects, mice, and lizards, and in the absence of this prey, it eats garbage. Coyotes are not recommended to be kept as pets. This is because, in adulthood, they have aggressive behavior and can eat other animals and transmit diseases to dogs.

For these reasons, Marian Vasquez and her family decided to hand the animal over to the Federal Environmental Prosecutor's Office in Mexico. “I explained to them how I raised him and then they called me and came to pick him up. They found the right place.” For him and take him to the Whispering Forest.”

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