Vibal asks Globenews for space to listen to the Palestinian side (video)

Vibal asks Globenews for space to listen to the Palestinian side (video)

The Palestinian Arab Union also criticized “advocates of apartheid” in the Gaza Strip

Gaza Strip, Israeli and Palestinian flags

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247 – The Palestinian Arab Federation in Brazil (Fepal) asked Globo News for more space for the version of supporters of the Palestinian cause in the broadcaster’s coverage. “Listen to all sides, as is our job as journalists,” Vipal wrote on social media network X. On 10/07”.

The “CONEP” cited by the federation is the Israeli-Brazilian federation, which attacked President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva (PT) after the head of state condemned the genocide against Palestinians in the Gaza Strip. Lawyer Marco Aurelio Carvalho, coordinator of the legal group Prerogativas, criticized the CONEP initiative.

Vibal has dealt harsh blows to Globo over its coverage of the conflict in the Middle East. The union criticized journalists Octavio Guedes, Jorge Pontual and Renata Le Prete.

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