Venezuelan leader appeals to the Supreme Court to review political obstacles

Venezuelan leader appeals to the Supreme Court to review political obstacles

María Corina Machado has been banned from running for public office for 15 years by the Inspector General of Nicolás Maduro’s government.

Winner of Venezuela’s primaries Maria Corina MachadoOn Friday (December 17, 2023), he appealed to the country’s Supreme Court to review his ban on running for and holding public office.. The former congresswoman’s political activity was disqualified in June of this year FurGovernment of Nicolas Maduro.

This date marks the end of the period available for Machado to request reconsideration of his appeal to the court, according to information received from CNN. The former congresswoman’s political obstruction was imposed by the Comptroller General of Venezuela on the grounds that she did not include the payment of food allowances in her asset declaration. She claims the exclusion is illegal.

Upon leaving the court, Machado told reporters: “It has taken an unequivocal step towards defeating Maduro in 2024

We are in the midst of very complex and difficult national and international negotiations to hold clean and free presidential elections in 2024, in which we will defeat Nicolas Maduro. We will not give this regime a single excuse to deviate from the electoral path. Let’s go to the end. The ball is now in the regime’s court, and now it is your turn to comply with the rules.”

in October, Maria Corina Machado He emerged victorious in the opposition primaries for the 2024 elections. With the possibility of the former lawmaker to lead the opposition to Maduro suspended, in light of the obstacle. The ban imposed by the Comptroller General of Venezuela is valid for 15 years.

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Axe She was also banned from leaving Venezuela for 9 years and was suspended from her position for 12 months in 2015.

The United States of America is celebrating

The US Embassy in Venezuela praised Machado’s decision on Friday (December 15). The official representative of the North American government announced that the former congresswoman’s stance was one of “courage” and “preparedness” on X (formerly Twitter).

In addition to the winner of the primary, other opposition figures were barred from holding public office and appealed to the Supreme Court alongside Machado. It was so Henry CaprilesHugo Chavez’s opponent in the 2012 presidential elections, former Rep. Freddy Soberlano and Roberto Abdulpresident of the NGO Súmate, which Machado co-founded.

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